Graham Young: Interim Management and Consultancy



Sue Beresford; Board Member, Heart of Teesdale Landscape Partnership

"We were so lucky that a person of such senior experience, perception and good humour came along at the right time. You steered the Advisory Group and the team to get to the finishing line with a top notch evaluation."

..Really wouldn't have happened without you...

Michael Ward; Chair of TWIN and TWIN Trading Ltd

"Graham I am so pleased that you were able to take on this role as Interim Managing Director– and not least that you were able and ready to tell me when you thought I was wrong! That is a key part of the job, and I appreciate it.

"Your experience, knowledge and skill have stood us in good stead. I think our own management team were understandably a bit disoriented when the permanent MD left, and you have eased them through the transition, raising the right questions, identifying the priorities, guiding and steering the team, simply enabling them to get on with their jobs. You handled every crisis calmly and professionally."

..You handled every crisis calmly and professionally...

Steve Andrews; Chief Executive SolarAid and SunnyMoney Ltd

"Graham Young served as a Trustee on SolarAid's Board for my first two years as Chief Executive. He was a challenging, trusted and experienced voice of wisdom whose counsel, support and friendship were of great value to me. His vast experience in charity and social enterprise helped SolarAid navigate through big changes."

..A challenging, trusted and experienced voice of wisdom...

Ruediger Meyer; CEO, FLO-CERT GmbH Germany

“FLO-CERT GmbH is a fast growing international certification body for Fairtrade. Graham has helped FLO-CERT twice, for about 6 months each time, as an interim manager to restructure our very fast expanding organization. Graham's senior change-management expertise, his strategic thinking and his ability to get into the job quickly has made a positive contribution to our company that cannot be overestimated and we are still benefiting from.”

Tom Poole; Operations Director, FLO-CERT GmbH

“Graham Young has provided consulting services to our company, FLO-CERT GmbH, on several occasions. In a change management project, his insight and experience generated excellent results. On another occasion he acted as an interim manager, having day-to-day line management responsibility for the staff in three Africa-region offices. One of his direct reports described him as 'the best manager I have ever had.'"

..I have no reservations whatsoever in recommending Graham...

Nick Sireau; Director, AKU Society and ex-Director of SolarAid

“Working with Graham is always hugely beneficial. He comes with significant experience and skills and offers high level strategic thinking as well as hands-on practical advice. I've always been impressed by the high quality of work Graham provides. I thoroughly recommend him.”

Ian Bretman; Executive Vice-Chair, Fairtrade International

“I've known Graham for over 15 years, originally when he was Chair of the Fairtrade Foundation and I was a member of the management team and subsequently as an interim manager and consultant for Fairtrade International. Graham provides a rare mix of strategic insight and practical management experience from a long and varied career. This means that his work not only provides good, innovative ideas on big issues but is backed by well thought-through proposals on practical implementation.”

Hazel Douglas; Co-Owner, Oxford Human Resource Consultants Limited

“I worked alongside Graham where we were both consultants for the same organisation. Graham was a delight to work with - funny, analytical and clear-thinking. I saw him turn around a department that was in a bad way and transform it into an efficient group which took on its tasks with enthusiasm. I heartily recommend Graham.”

Luuk Zonneveld; Managing Director, FLO International 2001-2007.

"In 2004 FLO International, the Germany-based global umbrella of the Fairtrade Foundation UK and 20 other national Fairtrade labelling organizations, needed a radical transformation from a somewhat quiet, sleepy NGO to a professional services body. I commissioned Mr. Graham Young to design and implement the organizational overhaul with me. Combining strategic vision with hands-on change management, Mr. Young accomplished the challenging task with enthusiasm and verve, balancing employee involvement with firm execution. Mr. Young was a driving force towards FLO's transformation into a world-class organization for the global governance of labelled Fairtrade, the development of policy and the provision of standard-setting and producer support services that enabled Fairtrade to take a quantum leap in improving the lives of millions of disadvantaged producers and workers. Mr. Young's combination of efficiency and effectiveness was astonishing - and made him a great pleasure to work with."

Renee Boelaars; CBI Netherlands

“I hired Graham for the development of a curriculum on Fair Trade Opportunities for exporters in developing countries. During the sessions Graham proved to be a committed and valuable consultant with sound expertise. He is cooperative but very able to show a clear vision on quality regarding content and the way it should be presented at the same time. When I accompanied Graham on a trip to Ecuador – the execution of the training programme – I was impressed by his didactical approach. The way Graham is able to make a group of exporters involved is remarkable and inspiring."

..Apart from all this, Graham is a very pleasant person
to work with and has a great sense of humour...

Christine Allen Dench; Director, Progressio (formerly CIIR)

“Graham was a trustee at Progressio for six years. In that time he consistently brought a rigorous and incisive analysis to our work and was able to balance the short term concerns with long-term issues. He could always be relied upon to ask the difficult questions! Since leaving the Board he has continued to work with us on some consultancies - looking at issues of governance and ensuring a high level of management.



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