Graham Young: Interim Management and Consultancy



My strengths are in management, strategy development and organisational re-focusing and re-structuring. I apply these through consultancy, mentoring and interim management.

I can also bring clarity to your objectives and support the achievement of them through firm but inclusive chairing and facilitation.

I think that I have some expertise to offer in the following areas, see the testimonials section for what others think.


  • Interim and project management
  • Troubleshooting and crisis management
  • Restructuring organisations and management including growth & downsizing
  • Governance
  • Independent evaluation of programmes & outcomes
  • Mergers collaborations & joint working
  • Reviewing organisational performance and productivity
  • Reviewing strategy & plans including services development & positioning


  • Board performance and reviews
  • Chair support
  • Coaching and mentoring
  • Developing management team and staff
  • Facilitating 'awayday' reviews
  • Trustee and board training induction and development

Growth and Development

  • Developing new initiatives
  • Expanding work internationally
  • Project start-up
  • Surveys & user feedback


..He could always be relied upon
to ask the difficult questions!..


Graham Young Interim Manager


..I saw him turn around a department
that was in a bad way and transform it into an
efficient group which took on its tasks with enthusiasm...



+ 44 (0)1325 730 842


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